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Covenant & MOTIV

I’m MOTIV (Michael Mara), a graphic artist and designer from Victoria, BC, Canada.  Born in Victoria and raised on the mainland I’m the son of a Hawaiian reggae musician/army vet and an Irish-Canadian psychologist – which says a lot if you know me.

Covenant Apparel provides an outlet for my experiments in the mystic, the dark, the strange, and the defiant.

I’m inspired by pre-industrial, pre-Christian, pre-colonial art and iconography, street art and graffiti, graphic design, traditional and modern apparel design, and pre-colonial and modern tattoo art.

I’ve been drawing symbols on things I shouldn’t since I was a toddler and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


Covenant Apparel is a small clothing boutique providing Men’s and Women’s clothing and accessories featuring original artwork and designs by graphic artist MOTIV (Michael Mara). Covenant is run solely by MOTIV from Victoria, BC, Canada.